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AVISTT Completed Replacement with Self-Designed Gearboxes in the USA


At the beginning of 2020, AVISTT completed the design for Mitsubishi 1 MW_AS89P Gearbox and successfully replaced the Mitsubishi MWT-1000A Gearbox of a wind farm in the USA.


As a key product of the company, AVISTT AS89P Gearbox is designed for use in international markets, featuring distinct advantages in calculation, verification and structural optimization. The calculated results of this model’s gear strength, bearing, gear modification, and structural member exceed the value stated in IEC61400, GL standards and other latest standards. In addition, this model features structural optimization of embedded lubrication tubes, lubrication method and flow adjustment of each lubrication point, sealing, endoscope inspection point, vibration detection point, etc., making the gearbox more reliable and easier to maintain.

Over the years, AVISTT has established a gearbox design and development process from market research, new product design and development, production, product testing, to factory acceptance test and customer acceptance. When receiving an urgent request from a customer, AVISTT will redesign the product through cross-functional collaboration of technicians from the design, casting & forging, assembly, testing, and other relevant teams to minimize the project lifecycle while guaranteeing the supply of gearboxes in due quality and quantity.

Gearbox models of 1 MW are still dominating foreign markets and most of them are out of warranty. However, turbine and gearbox manufacturers around the world have upgraded their products from 1 MW to 2 MW and higher and discontinued the production of older small-megawatt ones. Therefore, if such models fail, it would be difficult to find a reliable repair and maintenance service provider. As a professional full gearbox service solution provider, AVISTT provides services for customers in the US, Japan, Southeast Asia, and many other regions. The AS89P model developed by AVISTT offers greater convenience for gearbox maintenance, up-tower services, and gearbox monitoring. Based on big data statistics, AVISTT comes up with a modular design for this model that allows the gearbox to be changed to other 1 MW models of different gear ratios or manufacturers by simply replacing some parts.