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Nanjing AVIS Granted Class A Service Certification by CCSC


Recently, Nanjing Avis Transmission Technology Co., Ltd. (“Najing AVIS” for short) has obtained the Certificate of Services in the Wind Power Industry from China Classification Society Certification Co., Ltd. (“CCSC”). CCSC evaluated AVIS’s qualifications in onshore and online wind farm services, including services related to wind turbine gearbox, yaw and pitch gearboxes, and main shaft, and designated AVIS as Class A.

Now, wind power is gaining momentum. With the release of the “14th Five-Year Plan” and the carbon neutrality target, China’s renewable energy sector is heading for a fast track of development. As the number of turbines increases year by year, customers also demand higher and higher quality, efficiency and convenience of operation and maintenance for wind turbines to seek high profits from electricity production. Meanwhile, as an increasing number of service providers emerge in the wind power industry, it becomes a challenge for the market and industry to assess these providers’ service qualifications and their capability to meet customer needs.

The industry calls for a healthy and regulated market, making it particularly urgent to carry out the evaluation of the service capability of service providers in the wind power industry. CCSC is specialized in such assessment, with valuable technical resources, rich experience and professional teams. The evaluation is conducted based on the Guide to Service Assessment of the Wind Power Industry and Rules for Assessing Service Activities of the Wind Power Industry. The assessment involves factory audit and on-site audit, where a service provider is evaluated and scored for its technological capability, QI capability, track records, implementation of its safe production system, customer satisfaction, etc. Service providers are designated, based on their scores, as one of the three classes from high to low: A, B and C. High threshold and strict audit processes make this assessment a high-level certification program in the wind power industry, which provides a strong guarantee for a company’s service capabilities and quality. The certification program is the first of its kind dedicated to the wind turbine operation and maintenance market, which is conducive to the improvement of the service quality and competitiveness of market players. It is an effective approach to promoting the standardization development of the industry.

Since its founding, Nanjing AVIS has been dedicated to the R&D and services of wind turbine transmission systems. Taking the lead in developing industry standards, the company has defined the gearbox service specifications, contributing to the healthy and sustainable development of the industry. After six months of rigorous audits and on-site inspections, AVIS earned the well-deserved recognition from CCSC. Going forward, AVIS will continue to follow strict standards and keep pace with the market to play its part in the development of the wind power industry and renewable energy.