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The 3rd (2019) China Wind Power Transmission Cooperation Forum of Nanjing AVIS was grandly opened

In August in Nanjing, the autumn is getting stronger and the breeze is cool. On the 22nd to the 23rd, the 3rd (2019) China Wind Power Transmission Cooperation Forum was grandly opened in this ancient capital of the Six Dynasties. The forum was hosted by Nanjing AVIS and China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association Wind Power Branch, and co-organized by SKF China. More than 150 well-known personalities such as power generation companies, complete machine manufacturers, large component suppliers and service providers, and other industry-level leaders and industry experts attended the event.


China Wind Power Transmission Cooperation Forum is a wind power transmission cooperation event that is based on the wind power transmission operation and maintenance market and is oriented to all aspects of the wind power industry chain. This forum is based on the theme of “Intelligent Discussion on Wind Power Service and Community Upgrade”. Explore the promotion of the upgrade of the wind farm operation and maintenance system, improve the efficient operation of the stock wind turbines, and jointly promote the healthy and orderly development of the industry.



Lu Qingyuan, Deputy Secretary General, Wind Machinery Branch, China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association

Manufacturing transmission system is one of the key and core systems of wind turbines. Digitalization, informationization and intelligence are the innovative development directions of wind power industry including equipment and wind farm operation and maintenance; the progress of ubiquitous IoT platform is perfect, big data technology Wide application and rapid popularization of 5G communication have brought new hopes for the upgrading, value-added, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement of the wind power industry.


Wang Jianping,the Secretary of National Wind Power Machinery Standard Technical Committee  

Secretary Wang proposed that AVIS, as an important member of the wind power operation and maintenance market, has three core advantages, talents, technology and perfect services, wide customers, large service volume, and emphasis on the construction of the standard system. Secretary-General Wang stressed that Wind power operation and maintenance enterprises should pay special attention to the standardization of standards, which is beneficial not only to enterprises but also to the development of the entire industry.


Chen Zhenxing, Vice President, Nanjing Avis Transmission Technology Co., Ltd.

Mr. Chen pointed out that the clean and low-carbon green energy system has begun to take shape, and industrial upgrading is the theme of today's wind power era. The types of technologies and application models will undergo profound changes, and economic benefits will be further highlighted. In the context of investment and construction at the national level, China has paid more attention to the quality and efficiency of energy development on the basis of continuously strengthening energy resource development and infrastructure construction.


SKF China Wind Power Aftermarket Sales Director Yin Jun

The operation and maintenance level of the wind power transmission chain is related to the safe operation and power generation efficiency of the entire wind turbine. It is the core of wind farm operation and maintenance.



Gu longyue, Technical Support Manager, Nanjing Avis Transmission Technology Co., Ltd.


Li Bo, Senior Consultant, Power and Renewable Energy Division, Asia Pacific, Wood Mackenzie Consulting Co., Ltd. (MAKE)


SKF China Wind Power Sales Manager Qi Xiaoye


Huang Lizhe, deputy general manager of Huaneng New Energy Co., Ltd. Liaoning Branch


Dong Wanli, Deputy Secretary General, Wind Machinery Branch, China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association


Chen Peng, Senior Manager, Operation and Maintenance Division,Nanjing Avis Transmission Technology Co., Ltd.


Yue Jin, General Manager, Remanufacturing Division, Beijing Jinfeng Hui Neng Technology Co., Ltd.


Xi'an Zhongche Yongdian Jieli Wind Energy Co., Ltd. Customer Service Center Director Cheng Dongxing


Guo Zimin, Strategic Manager of Wind Power Industry, SKF China


FuYang, Process Manager,Nanjing Avis Transmission Technology Co., Ltd.



(From left to right: Nian Fangqing, Chen Zhenxing, Yin Jun, Dong Wanli, Yue Jian, Zhou Weihua, Zhang Heping, Sun Yizhong)

The forum focused on industrial upgrading, and the focus of the upgrade and the standards of measurement, the participants of the meeting had a heated discussion, everyone expressed their views, exchange ideas in the combination of big data, Internet of Things and intelligent diagnosis and wind power transmission system, In-depth discussion on the future development of the market after wind power.