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Loading Test
Verify operation capabilities

After the wind gearbox is assembled, AVISTT will rely on the HQ's complete test capability to implement loading tests for the gearbox in the workshop to verify whether the gearbox has reliable operation capabilities in the nacelle.

  • Before the gearbox loading test

    Use clean gearbox lubricant oil to flush the gearbox to meet cleanliness requirements of gearbox operation. At the same time, check the cleanliness of the oil sample to ensure that the flush test qualifies.

  • In the gearbox loading test

    Move the gearbox that has passed the flush test to the loading test bench. Use related process equipment to set up the bench in strict accordance with bench requirements for the loading test. Ensure that the bench setup qualifies, and then implement the loading test in strict accordance with the requirements of the loading test outline. During the loading test process, record relevant data such as vibration, noise, temperature, and pressure, and synchronously use the boroscope to check the gearbox.

  • Confirmation of gearbox loading test results

    Collect all data generated during the loading test and send the data to engineers for statistical analysis to ensure that the gearbox meets operating requirements in the nacelle.