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Assembly of wind turbine gearbox

Assembly technology plays a vital role in the quality of wind gearboxes. The excellence of the technology will directly affect the overall life cycle of the wind gearboxes.

At present, AVISTT’s assembly technology capabilities are mainly supported and guaranteed by the HQ's excellent assembly capacity. Through many years of accumulating assembly technologies of wind gearboxes, our HQ has mastered a set of strict and ideal technical processes and process specifications that guides gearbox assembly.

  • Part cleaning

  • Part subassembly

  • General assembly of gearbox

Part cleaning

Using professional equipment to clean parts according to cleaning specifications to ensure the cleanliness of parts in the assembly process.

Parts cleaning_02.JPG

Part subassembly

Subassembling parallel and planetary-stage parts according to the wind gearbox assembly process to ensure that subassembly is scheduled.


General assembly of gearbox

Assemble the gearbox according to the assembly process. Assembly includes parallel stage general assembly, axial clearance configuration, backlash detection, general assembly, and outer parts assembly to ensure the overall quality of the gearbox assembly.