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Have you experienced the following issues?

Do you give up storing spare gearboxes due to a wide range of models leads to a high costs?
Do you feel overwhelmed when wind turbine suddenly shut down due to faults, and you cannot restore it immediately to reduce the losses?
Do you worry about your lack of gearbox maintenance knowledge and storage space when deciding to store spare gearboxes to deal with unexpected situations?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, AVISTT is your solution.

AVISTT will analyze and customize special gearbox spare programs for customers according to the installation information (including gearbox brands, models, quantity, etc.) provided by the customer. Gearbox spare programs include but are not limited to the following:

Provide alternative exchange program for gearboxes of different brands and models

Store corresponding spare gearboxes for the customer and ensure the proper quantity

Provide drive chain programs with main shaft systems included

Be responsible for late delivery

Warranty of gearboxes will start from the date on which the gearboxes are delivered to customers


Through friendly negotiations, the customer and AVISTT reach a specific cooperation agreement which will benefit both parties. The agreement primarily involves a Cooperation Agreement on Repair of Wind Gearbox and Cooperation Agreement on Reserve of Wind Gearbox.

Some terms of the agreement can be as follows:

1. Store corresponding wind gearboxes and relevant spare parts for the customer in advance to ensure that when wind gearboxes on the customer's wind farm break down, they can be promptly repaired and replaced.
2. Provide the customer with wind gearboxes at a preferential price.
3. If the customer needs to replace faulty wind gearboxes, AVSITT will deliver the gearboxes stored for the customer to the appointed place within the specified time.