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As the installed capacity of the wind equipment industry grows rapidly, many wind equipment manufacturers use parts from multiple brands to assemble wind gearbox due to delivery pressure. Therefore, when the wind farm is out of warranty, wind farm users will face complex spare part storage and procurement for wind turbine maintenance.

In order to solve the above problems for wind farm customers:

our company will gradually build up a complete spare parts center for wind gearbox based on the establishment of the AVISTT California spare parts warehouse. We will provide full protection and rapid supply services to meet our wind farm customers' requirements every time. At present, spare parts for wind gearboxes provided by AVISTT include, but are not limited to the main gearbox, lubrication system, and yaw and pitches.

  • Gearboxes

·Gearbox internal parts (gear parts, bearing parts, piping, etc.)

·Gearbox external parts (oil seals of pitch tubes, oil level indicators, cover plates, etc.)

  • Lubrication system type

    ·Motor-pump (oil pump motor, coupling, etc.)
    ·Combination filter-oil route block (filters, differential pressure sensors, filter elements, etc.)
    ·Air-cooled heat exchanger components (fan motor, protective screening components, temperature control valves, bypass valves, etc.)
    ·Others (breathable threads, hoses, etc.)

  • Yaw and pitch type

    · Yaw motor
    · Yaw and pitch gearbox internal parts (gear parts, bearings, seal rings, etc.)
    · Yaw and pitch gearbox external parts (breathable caps, drain plugs, plug screws, output oil seals, etc.)