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Broscope Inspection

The professional engineers will carry set of advanced equipment to the site to carefully inspect related gearbox parts including but not limited to the high-speed shaft, medium-speed shaft, low-speed shaft, and external parts of the gearbox, and record their findings. Then, the engineers will send the information back to the technical department. The technical department will provide a check analysis report that involves handling suggestions, risk tips, and operation and maintenance information.

Broscope Inspection photo

Vibration test

The professional engineers will carry the professional equipment to the site to implement vibration tests on the wind turbine drive chain and evaluate its mechanical status and potential faults.
During vibration tests, the engineers will record the vibration data of the high-speed, medium-speed, and low-speed shafts and main shaft according to the actual circumstances at the site where the gearbox is placed. Finally, the technical department will analyze the information and provide a proper operation and maintenance program based on the signal analysis results.