Spread social responsibilities

and plant green hope

Enterprise Citizen

Corporate responsibility

As a professional provider of overall service solutions to wind gearboxes, AVISTT has taken quality and safety as core competencies. The company not only embodies this attitude in its products and services, but also extends this attitude to the social responsibilities that should be embraced by enterprises:

1. Be sensible and honest to ensure excellent product processes
An enterprise must take on the social responsibility of being sensible and honest and ensure excellent product processes to maintain a stable market and protect the interests of the people.

2. Develop scientifically and pay taxes duty
An enterprise must be responsible in development to constantly expand its enterprise scale and tax share, pay its fair share, and contribute to overall social development.

3. Develop sustainably and economize resources
Enterprise development must be compatible with resource conservation. As an entrepreneur, one must take a comprehensive view of the general situation, adhere to sustainable development, and emphasize resource conservation to ensure the sustainable development of the enterprise.

4. Protect the environment and maintain natural harmony
With the development of the global economy, the environment is becoming worse. An enterprise must take on the responsibility of protecting the environment and maintaining natural harmony for human survival and sustainable economic development.

5. Develop public products and cultural construction
Health care, public education and cultural construction are extremely important to the development of a country. An enterprise should use its own resources and energy to help develop health care and education and build culture.

6. Help the poor and develop charities
As an enterprise that has a sense of social responsibility, more importance will be given to alleviating poverty and engaging with social charities, which is for social development as well as development of the enterprise itself.

7. Concern about employee health and guarantee good treatment of employees
Caring for employees, providing good labor protection, constantly increasing salaries, and ensuring on-time payment — all these are not only related to the sustainable and healthy development of an enterprise, but also related to the development and stability of society.

8. Develop science and technology and create independent intellectual property rights
The enterprise's talent strategy development is focused on lofty academic qualifications, high-quality, and high investment. The enterprise will further improve its scientific and technological innovations and strive to foster innovation at the core of the enterprise.

AVISTT believes that the fulfillment of the above social responsibilities is the obligatory duty of any enterprise. In addition, the fulfillment of these responsibilities is an honorable mission for an enterprise who takes quality and security as its core competencies.