Spread social responsibilities

and plant green hope

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Green solutions

In recent years, governments and scientists have acknowledged that greenhouse gases are one of the chief culprits leading to global warming, and that the unrestricted rise in greenhouse gases will bring unpredictable catastrophes to the earth and mankind. One of the most important components of greenhouse gases is carbon dioxide, whose emission is commonly known as "carbon emissions."

The use of clean electricity from wind farms is one of the effective ways to reduce carbon emissions. At the same time, the initiative has great importance to energy structure improvement and ecological and environmental protection.

Emission reduction via wind equipment

As a professional(wind) gearbox service solution provider, we have made a solemn commitment: After receiving fault feedback from our customers, we will strive to restore our customers’ wind driven generators in the shortest time — we will ensure that nearly 6 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions are prevented every year, which is equivalent to 400,000 less vehicles on the road.

Emission reduction by planting trees

Greenery can gradually absorb and solidify carbon dioxide in their slow growth process. They also play a significant role in producing oxygen and slowing down the greenhouse effect. Therefore, AVISTT encourages the company's employees to donate and plant more green trees to show the living concept of energy conservation, emission reduction, low carbon, and environmental protection.

Emission reduction in the office

In the office, we vigorously implement e-office channels to reduce the number of official documents and advocate a paperless office. At the same time, we constantly improve the management system related to emission reduction to adhere to our green office concept.

Emission reduction by cycling

AVSITT energetically promotes daily commute by bicycle in the company to spread the concept of "green and low-carbon emissions reduction" to the public and hope to integrate the concept into everyone's lives.

A tree rooted in fertile soil grows better. AVISTT has taken the initiative to fulfill its green commitment and explain the social responsibilities of a wind equipment enterprise. Meanwhile, AVISTT is willing to coexist with other emission reduction methods in various green energy systems to jointly contribute to a more beautiful future of the earth.