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Nanjing AVIS Listed among Nurturing Unicorn Companies of Nanjing


Recently, the Nanjing Development and Reform Commission revealed the Unicorn Companies, Unicorn Companies under Incubation and Gazelle Companies in Nanjing for 2022. Nanjing Avis Transmission Technology Co., Ltd. (“AVIS” for short) is listed among the Unicorn Companies under Incubation in Nanjing.


As a service provider in the wind turbine operation and maintenance market, AVIS believes in quality-driven growth, highly values talent development, and promotes technology innovation. It has applied for more than 130 patents. Putting customers first, AVIS has been working to optimize full gearbox service solutions and deliver competitive solutions for the best interest of the customers through strict compliance with quality management standards and technological excellence, while fulfilling its social responsibility through its actions and influence.


AVIS was previously recognized as a Gazelle Company, an Engineering Technology Research Center of Jiangsu Province, and an Enterprise Technology Center of Nanjing. Being named among this year’s Unicorn Companies under Incubation in Nanjing adds to its momentum and further propels AVIS to deliver better products and services and contribute to the development of the industry.