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Congratulation!AVIS won the outstanding private enterprise award and the top 10 award for economic contribution and progress


February 20, the area economic development quality conference that sponsored by people's government of jianye district was held in International Expo Center, The theme of the conference was "focusing on gathering strength and accelerating the construction of a modern international city center".At the meeting, a group of outstanding private enterprises, private entrepreneurs and enterprises and personnel for economic contribution awards was announced.

The evaluation activities were jointly organized by the Standing Committee of the Jianye District Party Committee, the Propaganda Department, the United Front Work Department, the Federation of Industry and Commerce, and the Development and Reform (Commission) Bureau.Hundreds of companies in the region applied for evaluation.The judging panel makes a comprehensive judgment on the corporate image, business performance, innovation capability and social responsibility of the declared enterprise, especially for enterprises that have major credit problems and major security incidents.

After a rigorous evaluation, Nanjing Anweishi Transmission Technology Co., Ltd. stood out and won the Jianou District Outstanding Private Enterprise Award and the Top 10 Award for Economic Contribution.