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Located in California, USA, AVIS Transmission Technology America, Inc. is a company funded by Nanjing Avis Transmission Technology Co., Ltd. (China). The company is mainly engaged in wind gearbox R&D, sales, installation, commissioning, and related services. At present, AVISTT can provide factory repair, spare programs, exchange programs, inspection services, up-tower services, and spare parts to wind gearbox for customers.

Through years of development, the HQ now employs over 370 staff, among whom more than 60 are professional engineers and several from the engineering team are gearbox experts that have been engaged in the design and technology of gearboxes for over ten years. In addition, the operational technical team is comprised of more than 200 staff, a majority of whom boast over 5 years of experience in gearbox services. In addition, the HQ has provided more than 50,000 professional and accurate on-site inspections and maintenance services to customers from over 1,800 wind farms around the world.

In terms of quality control, the HQ has passed the ISO9001:2008 authentication of quality management systems and has been adhering to the policy of "customers and quality first, excellent service, and an honest attitude". Moreover, the HQ believes that product quality is the foundation of business survival. In strict accordance with ISO9001 requirements, the HQ ensures that the system can be implemented as required by staff training and various quality checks.

In terms of product testing, the HQ has a physical and chemical center and the ability to test measurements. It has formed a complete inspection and measurement process to comprehensively monitor the quality characteristics of various parts. (The physical and chemical center has professional competence for metallographic microscope checks, material analyses, ultrasonic tests, and other inspection items to test internal systems and surface defects in products. The test measurement department has advanced detection equipment such as three-coordinate measuring instruments and gear measuring instruments to test product processing sizes.)

All AVISTT's starting points are designed to provide customers with the most professional gearbox solution for wind farm operation and make customers' wind equipment operations more secure, more durable, and more efficient. Consequently, our customers can contribute more to environmental protection and resource utilization.

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  • Provide service over 1800 wind farm sites globally;

  • Provide more than 50,000 professional and accurate on-site inspections and maintenance services

  • Successfully optimize repair for over 800 types of wind gearbox

  • Successfully provide up-tower service for over 1000 wind gearboxes